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Rekha ReflectionDear Friends,

In 2005, I began dreaming about introducing Houstonians to the burgeoning artisanal European pastry world.  But other than flying everyone to Barcelona, Paris, or Tokyo, how could I share my love for this pastry renaissance with friends? 

A journey and a dream began.  First I started buying every professional pastry book in sight.  Next, I spent a year at the Alan and Marie Lenotre Culinary Institute learning pastry techniques. All the while, Huan and I traveled to cities like Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Nice, and Florence (Tokyo is next), to try the pastries and take in the gastronomic excitement.

After all the reading, mixing, baking, decorating, schooling, and traveling, Demitasse Patisserie was born.  Now, I can offer my friends modern European pastries right here in Houston.

Rekha Le

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